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hello there.

Voiceover, Music, Acting and Performing are my vocations.

Have a look at this website. Listen to the things I've done and see what I can do.


  • January 27,2015

    44 and so much more!

    That is this years' motto. Also this.... Why do you need resolutions if you are already resolute in your intentions? If you want to lose weight, don't go on a crash diet! Simply be resolute in changing your eating habits. You don't need to starve, just eat more sensibly. Do you want to be more economically frugal? You don't need to shred the credit card (tempting as it might be) in order to stay within your budget. Be more resolute in what is realistic as to what your buying! Do I really need that?

    Too much of the time we throw out these laconic pledges of "I'm not going to blah blah anymore.." well, good for you, but don't be surprised if three months from now you've dismissed or conveniently let go of that pledge for the same old comforts of familiarity. What is lacking is not our desire to change but our resolve as to what change actually means

    It isn't radical. You don't need to split the tides and alter the orbit of the Earth. Hydro-electric dams do that for us (thank you China). Rather, alter your own orbit. Look inside and see what's not gelling right. Be resolute in your fearlessness when learning from your mistakes and make informed decisions about what to do or where to go next. That is a healthier existence as we spin around the Sun.

    Happy New Year!

  • July 30,2014

    I have not mentioned lately - or AT ALL - that I simply ADORE practicing Yoga. South Boston Yoga has been delightful. It means many different things to many different people who practice it, but for me it's about 'Breath' and Blood Flow. Actually listening to yourself breathe is a very calming and grounding technique. We hardly ever do it. That little practice defuses every form of panic or fear, anger or hostility, the energy is then used for concentrating directly on what you are and where you are now. 'Blood Flow' because the stretching is allowing the blood to flow to places it doesn't usually flow through. When the blood reintroduces itself to those places and moves things around, we change ourselves and become more radiant.

    It's amazing to think about when I look back at how things were going last year when I first started practicing seriously and the road and distance that has been traveled and traversed since then. Yoga has been an important vehicle in this way for me. Even when I'm engaged in "good naughty", like going out with friends on a Monday night until about 1am, and waking up feeling more than a little rancid, the Yoga is there and when I go to it, it forgives me. 

    We all need to be less hard on ourselves. We all need to chill the f # < k out. 

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